Abstracting Perception

In work that spans painting, printmaking and collage, I concentrate on the effects of light and shadow, both defining and abstracting rocks, water, foliage and figure. The images live between representation and abstraction. Subjective colors rooted in what I perceive, push and pull at the space to create inner landscapes. 
Water is a recurring image in my work. The spatial complexities of surface and depth attract me. A native of Monterey, California, I lived most of my adult life in Flagstaff, Arizona. During those years, the Colorado River and Oak Creek inspired painted landscapes built with color relationships and the strong dark/light patterning of sunlight and shadow. Fluid spaces of water contrasted with the geometry of canyon walls. Now, living in Carmel Valley, my images come from hikes along Garzas Creek, the Carmel River and the ocean’s edge.  What begins as a spark when I notice pieces of light and leafy branches dancing across a riffle, becomes something else when translated into marks on paper. The energy of each mark and brushstroke exists as part of image making and with its own vitality and network of harmonics beyond the original source.
Monotype processes are particularly suited to my decades long love of painting and my desire to work with an intuitive flow of image building toward an unknown territory. It is a record of my perceptions simultaneous with a conversation between ink and paper, between two-dimensional space and three-dimensional illusion.  The press contributes a unique language of textures and surface as layers of water-soluble crayon, solvent thinned inks, and inks modified with oil fuse under pressure.  Working on themes of place and refuge, the process of translation becomes voice. 
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